ECO&PIZZA joined the DrukArmy to bring Ukraine's victory closer

In this difficult time for the country, everyone is trying to contribute to the common cause. 

ECO&PIZZA, known for its “Useful Delivery” philosophy, from the first days of the full-scale invasion reoriented its charitable activities to support the AFU. From its own fund, which is formed from 10% of the company's profit, more than 150 thousand hryvnias were donated and more than 10000 pizzas were prepared for our defenders.

But the real breakthrough was the joining of ECO&PIZZA to the volunteer project DrukArmy. This initiative unites concerned owners of 3D printers who print free of charge the items needed for the army. DrukArmy is a community of Ukrainians who have been providing the military with necessary resources created with the help of 3D printing for more than a year. Their mission is to improve Ukraine's defense capabilities by providing the army with high-quality printed items for free or at minimal cost.

In 2 months of cooperation with DrukArmy, ECO&PIZZA has already printed more than 1000 parts, including drone components, drops, ammunition shanks and the like. Every such part brings us closer to victory.



But the company is not stopping there. ECO&PIZZA has an ambitious goal - to create its own 3D farm of 5-6 printers that will print products for the Armed Forces around the clock. Currently, 2 of their own printers and 1 received from a conscious customer are already in operation. But this is not enough.

“We urge all like-minded people to join our initiative. If you can afford to buy a 3D printer but don't have the time or skills to print, please pass it on to us. We will ensure its smooth operation for the sake of our common goal. Each printer is a strengthening of Ukraine's defense capabilities,” - emphasizes Sergiy Usatyi, founder of ECO&PIZZA.

In addition to printers, ECO&PIZZA requires a significant amount of plastic. About 25 thousand hryvnias are spent on it every month. ECO&PIZZA covers 70% of these costs, but calls on everyone who cares to join in and donate to buy plastic. 

The scale of DrukArmy's activities is impressive. As of now, the community has 6,590 printers and 8,152 3D printers. They have already printed 144,208 kg of plastic, but there is still a lot of work to be done - another 20,352 kg of plastic is needed to meet the army's needs.

Join ECO&PIZZA in supporting DrukArmy. Order pizza and know that part of the proceeds will go to help the Armed Forces. Buy a 3D printer and donate it to the ECO&PIZZA 3D farm. Donate for plastic for printing. Every hryvnia, every detail brings our victory closer. Together we are strong!

You can also join the Print Army yourself