ECO&PIZZA is the first pizza delivery service that sets itself the goal of eco-protection of the environment and implements eco-projects in the city of Dnipro.

Our company started its work in 2013. To date, we have managed to attract more than 500 customers to the eco-movement and develop a recipe for cooking, without exaggeration, the most delicious pizza in the city of Dnipro.

Every dish on our menu is prepared by experienced pizzaiolo who are in love with their work. Careful selection of ingredients, appropriate gram, amazing taste - this is the main concern of our employees.

In our work, we adhere to the following principles:

- only honest attitude towards the client;

- always listen to the client;

- only quality product and service;

- environmental friendliness - social responsibility shared with the client, when ordering, each client makes a contribution to the landscaping of our city

and environmental protection;

- constant self-improvement.

"There is no limit to perfection" - this is about ECO&PIZZA!

We constantly improve the product, train staff, and are the first to introduce innovations in pizza preparation. We are improving so that each of our customers receives not only the best taste of pizza, but also can easily help the environment.



We annually organize and support environmental events of various formats, including:

         - daily collection of waste (waste paper, batteries) and sending them for disposal;

        - increasing the green area of our city - annual large-scale planting of trees;

          - seasonal cleaning of garbage in park and forest areas.

We actively cooperate with public organizations of the city of Dnipro, direct part of the money we earn to environmental programs, which are implemented thanks to such organizations - "Batteries, give up!", "Ecopatrol".

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You need to know that as a customer of ECO&PIZZA, you become a part of the team of environmental defenders of our city.


P.S. We and our clients:

More than 1,500 trees were planted;

More than 20 tons of pizza packaging were handed over;

More than 650 kg of batteries were disposed of;

15 eco-events were held.