You can order our pizza by calling 0 800 21 34 56 (free from mobile and landline phones) or directly on the website.

After processing the order, our operator will call you back to clarify the order and delivery address.

In the case of non-cash payment through the site, we will send you an SMS message about accepting the order for work and will not bother you with a call.

Order reception time: 10:00 - 21:00 every day.

The time of receiving orders through the operator for self-delivery is 10:00 - 20:45 every day.

The minimum amount for free delivery is UAH 300.

The cost of delivery for orders less than UAH 300 is the difference between the order amount and the minimum amount for free delivery.

Delivery is carried out in the area marked in pink on the map.

The area of ​​action of the promotion "60 minutes or a pizza as a gift" is marked in yellow. 

We guarantee pizza delivery within 60-65 minutes after ordering.

Payment for the order is made in cash upon receipt of the order or by non-cash method on the website when placing the order.

You can pick up pizza yourself from our production at the following addresses:

- Starokozatska St., 66 a

By picking up the pizza yourself, you save 10% of the cost of the order.

Check the terms and delivery time of the order with the operators by phone 0 800 21 34 56 (free of charge from mobile and landline phones)